Summary Of Last Night's South Park Facebook Episode

As we wrote earlier this week, South Park ran an episode entirely about Facebook last night. The episode riffs on just about every common Facebook complaint that currently exists. We’ve embedded a couple clips from the episode below courtesy of South Park Studios, however if you want to view the entire episode, you can do so here.

The Friendless User

The beginning of the episode starts off by highlighting the problems with having no friends. A 3rd grader named Kip Jordee doesn’t have any friends and hasn’t had any for three months. After feeling bad for Kip, Kyle decides to add him.

Awkward Parents

Stan’s dad tries to add him as a friend. It gets pretty awkward until Stan finally gives in and adds his dad who’s being persistent about being online buddies.

The Relationship Status

Stan’s girlfriend gets angry because his relationship status is set to “Single” despite being in a relationship. He tries to defend it as that was the default status and comes up with excuses but his girlfriend can help but get angry. Later his girlfriend gets pissed off after a random girl comments on Stan’s profile that she “likes his bunny outfit”.

Mad Friends

Cartman hosts his own “Mad Friends” podcast which essentially turns friendships into stock shares. This is probably the best clip I’ve seen from the episode as Cartman attempts to describe his own analysis of social value. The result of the podcast is that Kyle starts getting unfriended after Cartman instructs others to unfriend him because he is no longer cool for adding the “loser” 3rd grader Kip Jordee.

I Need A Friend!

Kyle explains to Stan that he needs help on his Farmville farm after he runs out of friends for being labeled “uncool”.


The episode turns out to be pretty entertaining as it makes a joke about every aspect of Facebook. The episode also makes a quick joke about Chatroulette. If you want to view the full episode you can check it out here.