Sunlight Labs Data Layer for Layar’s Augmented Reality App Became Too Famous Too Fast :-)

Instant fame is a two-edged sword. Case in point: ReadWriteWeb wrote about Sunlight Labs’…

Augmented Reality App Shows Funding Near You

Sunlight Labs actually doesn’t provide the app. What they do, however, is to provide data that can be used from the free Augmented Reality app from Layar that runs on Android phones and the iPhone 3GS (but not earlier iPhone models). Unforunately, RWW’s readership is probably a bit larger than what Sunlight Labs’ server was designed to deal with. So, if you visited the page with the information about about their info for the Layar app at… Augmented Reality Mashup

…you were met by the error message in the screenshot above. If you are interested, you might try visiting Sunlight Labs’ site later this week when things simmer down. In the meantime, if you have an iPhone 3GS, can find the free Layar AR app at…

Layar Reality Browser (iTunes App Store)

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