Sunshine Weather App Promises More Accurate Weather Information

The Sunshine app allows users to report their current weather conditions to make the platform more accurate for the entire community.

Weather app Sunshine has launched on iOS devices, promising users ‘up-to-the-second’ weather updates and information. Sunshine combines its proprietary algorithm with existing weather data, user reports and phone sensors to offer users weather information it claims is 36 percent more accurate than that of other weather services.

The Sunshine app offers users a morning weather summary for each day, with support for tagging specific locations (such as their home or office) to receive weather information and recommendations specific to those locations. The app provides up to 24-hour weather predictions, and allows users to share data about their location’s weather conditions using the barometric sensor in their phone to provide real-time updates.

Sunshine Weather

Similar to community-driven apps like Waze, Sunshine also allows users to manually contribute weather information about their current location. This may see them flagging a location as ‘rainy’ or ‘foggy,’ as examples, with users rewarded points for each contribution. The more weather reports each user contributes, the more ‘weight’ the app gives their reports going forward. In addition, as more individual users contribute to a single area, the more accurate the app’s information will become overall.

When users first download Sunshine, they can tell the app their temperature ‘comfort zone,’ and the app will adjust its recommendations accordingly. For instance, if a user is easily cold, they may receive a recommendation to bring an extra layer of clothing at certain temperatures, while other users may not receive the same recommendation.

In a statement, Katerina Stroponiati, co-founder and CEO of Sunshine, commented:

We’ve long had to deal with low quality, ugly and generic weather forecasts and apps that offer inaccurate weather reporting. This is why we’re excited to introduce Sunshine to the world and to finally help and improve the accuracy of weather forecasting in real-time. At Sunshine we’ve worked hard to ensure that our nowcasts will change the way people think about weather, and for the first time, people will have the power to improve their country’s weather forecasting at the street-level.

The Sunshine app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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