SupersonicAds integrates with Live Gamer's Platform

Live Gamer, a virtual economy services platform for interactive entertainment, announced that it would be integrating SupersonicAds plug-and-play payment platform with its own. This move will allow Live Gamer to leverage SupersonicAds’ offer inventory focused on reaching a variety of European and Latin American countries, benefiting its publishers so they can meet the heightening demand for virtual currency.

“We chose SupersonicAds based on their relationships with local advertisers in Europe and Latin America, high emphasis on end-user experience and ability to increase revenue due to ever increasing demand for virtual currency,” said Nima Pourshasb, Vice President Corporate Development at Live Gamer. “By partnering with key players such as SupersonicAds, Live Gamer is able to offer a truly best of breed platform for powering and managing virtual economies for enterprise-grade customers.”

Many companies, ranging from offer providers to solutions providers are broadening their product features and relations with payment providers to allow publishers to accept payments from as many countries as possible. Live Gamer, along with competitor Playspan and others, are looking to be a single solution provider offering direct payments, user management, virtual economy analytics, and other services.

SupersonicAds’ plug and play platform will enable Live Gamer’s publishers to monetize a larger percentage of their user base (especially those in European and Latin American countries) with localized offers. We expect Live Gamer to be a strong contender in the monetization space in the times to come.

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