Surprise, Surprise: The San Francisco Elites Who Tweet Most Voted for Twitter’s Tax Break

This might not be groundbreaking, but it sure is interesting: those on San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors who approved the tax break to keep Twitter in the city were those who tweeted most.

SFGate did a little digging into the Twitter habits of several Members of the Board, and found that if they tweeted, they were more likely to support Twitter’s tax break.

For instance, the two sponsors of the proposal, David Chiu (@davidchiu) and Jane Kim (@VoteJaneKim) each have hundreds of followers and are active Twitter users. Chiu even live-tweeted during the vote on the tax break.

SFGate also notes that those who don’t tweet, didn’t vote in favor of keeping Twitter in San Francisco. It names the three Supervisors, Ross Mirkarimi, John Avalos and David Campos, who were the only three dissenters on the vote, and notes that none of them are active on Twitter. Mirkarimi might have a Twitter account (@Ross_Mirkarimi), but it has only 11 followers, no bio, and no tweets. Avalos (@supavalos) has only 13 tweets to his name, many of which were tweeted just this month in response to the Twitter tax vote. And Campos’ Twitter account was nowhere to be found.

The payroll tax break won’t apply to just Twitter – it will apply to any business willing to move to the Mid-Market area. However, it is certainly interesting that the three dissenting voices were those who didn’t really use Twitter, and that the major proponents of the legislation actively used it.

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