Surv Kickstarter Seeking Funds to Map Surveillance Cameras Based on Your Location

Outdoor surveillance cameras are nearly everywhere, but you can never find them when you need them. When my friends were victims of hit and runs, we did our best to source camera footage to find the perpetrators, but it’s nearly impossible to locate cameras just by walking around the city. These are the kinds of public investigations that can be aided by a map of surveillance cameras – the kind that Surv is seeking to provide.

Surv is on neither side of the security versus privacy debate. Instead we seek to empower the public through technology to help people feel safer, aid in investigations or counter the fear that secretive surveillance can create. In global cities public surveillance is a fact of life. The question is are there other, socially beneficial uses for the cameras and the massive amount of footage they record.

Surv uses crowdsourced information from reliable users to map up to 100 cameras based on your GPS location. The app can give you coordinates as well of photos and descriptions of each one.

Like any form of technology, Surv can be used for good or evil. There are naturally plenty of instances where this type of public information can be used by criminals or terrorists. That’s where the public discourse is important. Do you think that the advantages are worth the risk? Let us know in the comments.