Survey: 90% of Millennials Believe Technology Creates More Opportunity

It seems that while technology has certainly enhanced some aspects of life, many adults also struggle to find a balance.

It’s no secret: the new information and technology age is changing the way people live, work, communicate and interact with the world. This is precisely what the Webby Awards and Harris Polls set out to examine in this year’s Webby research report.

More than 2,000 adults participated in the online survey, and the results indicate that overall, people are trying to manage the use of technology to maintain societal norms. However, the data also reinforces what we already know about millennials: they see technology as an enhancement to daily life.

In fact, according to the report, 70 percent of 18-34 year-olds use smartphones in the bathroom and 51 percent use smartphones while eating with family. Millennials also use mobile devices to inform their health and fitness choices, and have even contributed to a large growth in mobile fitness apps.

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While millennials are happy to embrace technology, older generations are a little more concerned about how technology will impact the future. For instance, 77 percent of those surveyed were concerned they’d be less employable if they didn’t keep up with the advances in technology. By contrast, nine out of 10 millennials believe technology, and specifically the internet, gives them access to the kinds of jobs they’re suited for.

Across the board, survey participants indicated that technology has helped them connect with people they care about. Unfortunately, they also believed that the connections made online are becoming less authentic and will become more so over the next 10 years.


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The pull of technology is both an enhancement and a distraction, according to the survey results. 77 percent of the participants reported feeling like it was hard not to look at their phone when it rings or vibrates and more than half of millennials said they’d be happier if they used their smartphones less.

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It seems that while technology has certainly enhanced some aspects of life, many are also struggling to find a balance. Check out the full report for more data on where people use their smartphones and how smartphone use impacts relationships.

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