SURVEY: Facebook Is Already A Prized Feature For Radio

The ability to share tunes and discuss them with friends is a favorite feature among users of music streaming services, which explains why Spotify has amassed one million users from Facebook since announcing the integration last week.

One reason Facebook’s integration of music services Spotify, Vevo, Rdio and Mog was so heavily anticipated ahead of last week’s formal announcement: The ability to share tunes and discuss them with friends is a treasured feature for Internet radio.

How According to Myxer, people want their music free, they want more social media integration, and they want to be able to chat with friends and discuss their music selections.

Myxer polled 1,188 mobile visitors and found:

  • 36 percent of respondents regularly listen to more than one Internet radio service;
  • 26 percent of those respondents citing two to five services, and
  • 10 percent saying they listen to more than five online music services on a regular basis.

Cost (or lack thereof) dominated the survey results, as:

  • 63 percent of participants cited free music as the most important feature for an Internet radio service;
  • 78 percent said they listened solely to free services;
  • 11 percent pay for Pandora, and
  • six percent have paid subscriptions to Rhapsody.

As for social media and interacting with friends while listening to Internet radio, specific features respondents want are:

  • 32 percent of respondents indicated the desire to be able to send or dedicate songs to friends;
  • 22 percent opted for being able to post songs they were listening to on Facebook or Twitter, and
  • 21 percent wanted to listen to music with their friends.
  • 45 percent of respondents said they would use a chatting-while-you listen feature all of the time, and
  • 33 percent said they would use a chat-and-listen feature some of the time.

Readers: What do you look for in Internet radio services, and how would you like to see them integrate Facebook? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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