Survey Reveals Admins Happier Than Their Bosses

heartThis just in…according to a Staple survey, for the most part administrative professionals are happier than their bosses to the tune of 61 percent compared to 18 percent.

For the second consecutive year, most of the participants indicated admins tend to boost employee morale and become more involved on the team than the actual boss.

In addition, the report showed admins have a variety of roles and wear plenty of hats whether it’s using social media on behalf of their boss or doing accounting work.

It doesn’t stop there. 40 percent reported they’ve provided childcare for colleagues, 20 percent have watched co-workers’ pets, 20 percent morphed into as fashion consultants and more than 10 percent have played office matchmaker.

Although it’s pretty apparent the boss wins in the power category but technically their admin assistant is pretty close to the top of the chain in command, even ahead of chief financial officer and human resources director.