SwiftKey Reveals Most Festive States By Use of Thanksgiving Emoji

New data from SwiftKey reveals the most popular food emoji in each state, and which states use Thanksgiving-related emoji the most and least.

In celebration of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, keyboard app maker SwiftKey has analyzed the use of food emoji around the U.S. to discover which food emoji each state uses most, and which states are the most and least festive, in terms of Thanksgiving, with their overall emoji use.

The report found the top ten food-related emoji in the U.S. are the pizza slice, coffee or hot beverage cup, poultry leg, cherries, slice of cake, hamburger, doughnut, ice cream cone, strawberry and lollipop.

When breaking down the use of food emoji by state, SwiftKey found some unsurprising results. For instance, the most popular food emoji in Washington is the coffee emoji (perhaps due to Starbucks), while Hawaii’s most popular food emoji is the pineapple.

SwiftKey Food Emoji

However, some results were unusual. As an example, SwiftKey found Florida’s top food emoji is a piece of candy, and not the orange, as might be expected. Similarly, Georgia’s top food emoji was shown to be the cherry, and not the peach.

In addition to measuring the use of all food emoji, SwiftKey measured the use of ‘festive’ emoji for Thanksgiving, with festive emoji being the poultry leg, football, sweet potato, corn and leaves. The data showed the states which use these emoji most are Delaware, New Hampshire, Maine, Oregon and Alabama, though SwiftKey did acknowledge the results might be skewed for states known for their colorful trees during the fall.

SwiftKey Thanksgiving Emoji

On the other hand, Montana, Wyoming, Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota and Washington D.C. were found to use Thanksgiving-related emoji the least.

Readers: Which food emoji do you use the most?