SwiftKey Reveals the Most Popular Emoji in Each U.S. State

New data from SwiftKey reveals the most popular emoji and emoji categories in each U.S. state.

SwiftKey, maker of the popular iOS and Android keyboard app which learns and predicts users’ favorite words, has released data analyzing the use of more than one billion emoji to determine the most and least popular emoji in each U.S. state.

Many of the results make sense.

New York, for instance, ranks at the top for the Statue of Liberty emoji, while Iowa is the top state for the corn emoji. Hawaii is the top state for multiple emoji, including surfing, rainbows, waves and pineapples, but is, interestingly, also the leading state for the basketball emoji.

United States of Emoji

In terms of overall emoji categories, South Dakota leads the use of ‘happy’ emoji, while New Jersey uses the most ‘sad’ emoji. Additional examples include Louisiana, which was found to use the most ‘violent’ emoji, and is the top state specially for the gun emoji, while Kansas uses the most ‘tech’ emoji (North Dakota uses the least).

In addition to releasing this data, SwiftKey has announced three new emoji-related enhancements to its SwiftKey for iPhone app. The first will show users which emoji they use most often, while the second compares a user’s emoji usage with this U.S. state data to determine which state a user’s emoji usage is most comparable to. The third, a ‘signature emoji’ feature, shows users the emoji they most ‘overuse’ when compared to the average user.

SwiftKey is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Check out more ‘United States of Emoji’ data here.