Syfy Channel's SCI FI Wire Reader for iPad Takes a Different & Welcome Design Turn

I read the Syfy Channel’s

SCI FI Wire Reader (iTunes App Store – free app)

app on my iPhone at least once a day. It is my main source of news about science fictions TV shows and movies. So, I was very happy to note that its 1.0.4 update turned it into a universal app that does not require screen doubling to fill the iPad’s display. My guess was that it would use the same interface that it has on the iPhone for the iPad. However, that’s not what I found after installing the update and firing up the app.

The app’s developers took advantage of some of the iPad’s new graphical interface feature. You can see in the screenshot above that their app resembles the iPad’s mail app more than anything else. A list of articles pops up on the left to let you select what you want to read. Then, it disappears to let you see the article on the iPad’s large screen. Tapping the “News” button in the upper left hand corner brings the article list back.

I don’t know if this will appeal to everyone. But, I applaud the SCI FI Wire Reader’s developers for trying something different while porting it from the iPhone to the iPad.

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