SyFy, Facebook Team Up on Social Gaming

SyFy is hoping its users will begin touting their proficiency at the network’s growing library of online games with the same frequency that many Facebook users brag about their success at social games like Mob Wars.

To that end, online gamers can now log onto’s Game Center, which features titles like Battlestar Galactica Cylon Combat Simulator, via the Facebook Connect platform. Those users can then opt to broadcast their exploits to Facebook friends, challenge fellow gamers and even receive alerts when their high scores are bested.

The Facebook strategy has two goals, said Craig Engler, svp, gm, Syfy Digital. “It’s definitely a traffic driver. It lets people connect to people who aren’t gamers” and hopefully convince those non-gamers to visit the site.

SyFy also linked with Twitter to bolster its gaming-centric blog Fidgit. There, visitors can now view a continuous feed of headlines from SyFy’s own Twitter feed and share headlines with others.

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