Syfy, Shazam Play Tag

Over 75 million mobile phone users have downloaded Shazam. The application automatically tags whatever’s playing at a given moment on the radio, stereo or jukebox at the local bar and instantly provides information on the song’s name and artist. Now, Syfy wants to bring Shazam’s futuristic “tagging” technology to TV.

The network has partnered with Shazam for a marketing stunt that will encourage viewers to “Shazam” the upcoming season finales of its hits Eureka and Warehouse 13 (shown).

Syfy fans won’t use Shazam to identify what shows they are watching (presumably Eureka and Warehouse 13 lovers will recognize their favorites). Instead, during the finales on-air promotions will be used to drive fans to use Shazam to unlock special content. Eureka’s mid-season finale is set for Sept. 10 and Warehouse 13’s for Sept. 21.

That content, which viewers can unlock at any time as the finales air, will include sneak peeks at upcoming episodes, along with access to an exclusive sweepstakes. According to Blake Callaway, Syfy’s svp, brand and strategic marketing, down the road the network might use Shazam to unlock exclusive Webisodes, enable e-commerce (such as DVDs or downloads) or provide special offers from brands.

Shazam is commonly used by record labels to encourage users to purchase songs they use the app to identify. “We are sort of putting some content out there to test Shazam and see how it works for us,” said Callaway. “We think this really works well with our audience. It’s a leading-edge technology. I can think of lots of creative ways to use this.”

While the Shazam partnership is a first for Syfy, it’s not the first time the London-based company has hooked up with a TV network. Earlier this year, Shazam undertook a similar test with HBO for How to Make It in America.