Syfy’s Sharknado Storms Twitter With More Than 440,000 Tweets

Last week, the Syfy network aired the much-buzzed-about Sharknado, a ridiculous made-for-TV movie about a tornado of sharks that rains on Los Angeles, starring Tara Reid.

And the reaction on Twitter was equally ridiculous. A breakdown of the stats, below.

On Thursday, July 11, Sharknado was the #1 most social TV program in the U.S., beating out uber-popular Big Brother on CBS and MTV’s Girl Code.

As Twitter reported in a blog post recapping the phenomenon, Social Guide measured 318,232 tweets about the show during its broadcast, a full 17% of all the tweets sent about TV the night of July 11.

And over the 24-hour-period leading up to the airing and into the next day, more than 440,000 tweets about Sharknado were sent.

Twitter conversation around Syfy’s Sharknado reached a peak of 5,000+ tweets per minute by the time the movie finished at 11 p.m.

As Craig Engler, SVP at Syfy Digital, told Twitter,

“At one point we had three of the Top 10 trending topics (#sharknado, #syfy, and #tarareid) at the same time.”

Around 15% of the conversation came from 495 accounts, which were mentioned a total of 66,952 times in the 24-hour-period surrounding the broadcast.

Actor Wil Wheaton, who live-tweeted the show, gained an incredible 3,400 new followers the night of the show. His top tweets were retweeted more than 10,335 times!

The Sharknado social buzz phenomenon is a great example of how Twitter works best in building and fueling a global conversation around a topic. It helped that the @Syfy account was super dynamic and responsive throughout the entire process, retweeting fans and responding to messages in real-time.

And for those who missed out on the Sharknado madness: