Symbian Gives Web App Development for Phones Another Try

ZDNet UK reported:

Symbian Foundation releases web app toolkit

This lets web developers develop mobile apps for Symbian’s Symbian^3 platform. Symbian and Nokia have been at this for a couple of years now. I watched Nokia announce the Web Run-Time for S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 way back in April 2007.

A Few Thoughts on the Nokia Web Run-Time for S60

I had some hope back then (despite a few reservations) that this approach might lead to rapid development of highly focused single function web applets. This never materialized, however. Apple’s broader approach to encourage web developers to develop high function iPhone friendly web pages also lacked sizzle. This led, I believe, to the introduction of the amazingly successful native app development strategy with their second generation iPhone 3G launch. And, of course, there’s Palm’s webOS that fizzled out after generating a lot of initial interest. We’ll have to wait and see what HP might do with webOS now that it owns it.

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