Symbolia Merges Journalism & Comics in iPad App

With the goal of providing “an immersive, engaging experience for a new generation of newshounds,” Symbolia is offering readers a new way to read the news. The self-described “tablet magazine of illustrated journalism” combines reporting with illustration and comics to inform readers of the latest in current events.

Each issue has a few stories on current events which are told through comics, audio, graphics, animation, and long-form writing. The current issue includes work from Nichole Marinaccio de Freitas and Jeff Ruliffson on hard choices, tattoos, and military life; a story by Luna and Leela Corman about a belly dancer in contemporary Cairo; as well as interviews with a human trafficking survivor  in Nepal and with two veterans who served at Guantánamo Bay.

Readers can purchase the magazine for $2.99 per issue from iTunes, or subscribe annually and pay $1.99 per issue.