Syndicate and Monetize Content with DailyDigital

When you’re an independent journalist, it can be difficult to raise funding for purchasing equipment, covering travel, and pursuing your stories. Fundraising through either traditional or crowdsourced methods is one way to sustain yourself, but that can become a job in itself. A new startup company called DailyDigital plans to change that by letting content creators syndicate and monetize their content across the Web.

DailyDigital seeks to take the guesswork out of offering online content by offering users a content delivery platform that protects your content while delivering it in a way that adds value to your audience (as well as to the content creator). Using DailyDigital, your articles, video and photos can be presented in an online store format, allowing you to sell and deliver your content to interested users on your terms.

Creating a digital storefront with DailyDigital is free (and advertiser-supported). Ad-free storefronts are also available for $19.99/month. Your files are safe and secure in the cloud, and digital storefronts scale beautifully for mobile devices and Internet-connected televisions. Payments are processed through PayPal, and DailyDigital pockets 15% of the transaction to cover hosting and programming.

DailyDigital also promises to offer incentives for affiliates and “Promoters”, their term for users who promote your content through their social networks. Promoters would earn a percentage of sales right along with the content creator. It will be interesting to see how the platform scales and what sort of offerings it will provide in the future.

DailyDigital is currently in “open beta” and will debut a Facebook-enabled storefront to complement their service on September 13, 2011. You can find out more about DailyDigital by visiting them at, or contacting them on Facebook or Twitter.

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