T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide Includes New T-Mobile Features

T-Mobile has announced a new Android phone, the myTouch 3G Slide, that many consider the replacement to the original Android phone, the T-Mobile G1. As you may have guessed from it’s name, the myTouch 3G Slide has a slide out keyboard, and comes with features we now expect of smartphones. It comes with the current 2.1 version of Android and T-Mobile has added a number of software features unique to this phone.

– The Genius Button is the most unique feature. It is a physical button and pressing it activates voice recognition powered by Dragon Dictation to control the phone. It supports voice-to-text recognition for text fields that is part of Android 2.1 and translates commands to initiate functions like placing a phone call or writing a text message.

– Faves Gallery enables you to put 20 of your contacts in one place, and it consolidates all communications with those contacts, include social networking, in a widget.

– myModes allows users to create different themes that have a set of icons, widgets, and wallpaper. You can change themes manually or configure phone to change themes at specific times.