T-Mobile Offers New Limited Unlimited Plan for a Limited Time (got that?)

This might be a slightly rough ride. So, stay with me on this one.

Yesterday, TmoNews reported:

T-Mobile Confirms New Unlimited Plans, Available Tomorrow

Tomorrow is today (Apr. 13). So, a quick check of this T-Mobile USA web page confirms the report.


The tongue-twisting unlimted plan named Even More Unlimited Talk + Unlimited Text + Unlimited Data is only available for a limited time (still with me?) and sort of has a limit on its unlimited data.

I’m going to let that sentence hang all by itself above so you can reread it a couple of times. Join me back on this paragraph when you’re done. The unlimited data part of the plan is limited to 2GB per month at full 3G speeds. If you go over 2GB, you will NOT be charnged more. However, your data speed for the rest of the billing period will be throttled (slowed down).

Also note that the unlimited data is limited to 3G service. If you have T-Mobile HSPA+ 4G service in your area, there is an optional separate 4G unlimited plan. You can find the details about these options here:

Even More Unlimited Talk + Unlimited Text + Unlimited Data optional services

So, there you have it: T-Mobile USA’s limited unlimited plan for a limited time. Don’t forget about the limited availability time. This deal will not, apparently be offered after this period expires.

All kidding and confusion aside, this sounds like a reasonably good plan.

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