T-Mobile To Start Testing UMA On Android

The Boy Genius Report has a brief post up saying that T-Mobile will start testing Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) on Android phones in the fall. UMA is a technology that enables cell phones to switch between GSM and Wi-Fi without dropping calls. What is interesting about BGR’s news is that T-Mobile no longer sells the Hotspot @Home service that utilized UMA access, presumably because not enough people bought the service. When T-Mobile sold Hotspot @Home it charged $10 to $15 per month for unlimited calling. T-Mobile sold only a limited number of phones that supported UMA, and when those phones were connected to Wi-Fi, calls made to its number would be routed to the phone via the Internet. Likewise outbound calls would be made via the Internet. The benefits of UMA are that it saves cellular calling minutes and extends coverage into homes where T-Mobile doesn’t have the best cellular coverage. Personally I would be very interested in buying a T-Mobile Android phone that supports UMA, but I am skeptical about the validity of the reports given that T-Mobile has tried UMA before and it did not sell.