T-Mobile USA Broke the 5GB Unlimited Wireless Data Rule & the $60 Per Month Price Barrier

Mobile phone carriers live in a universe where math is different from the one in mobile customer universe. In the mobile phone carrier universe unlimited equals 5 gigabytes. While 5GB of data per month sounds like a lot, here’s a couple of acitions you don’t want to take when using a 3G service with this cap: Download more than 2 HD movies, download more than 1 copy of the full CentOS Linux distro, watch a lot of streaming video using Hulu or Netflix. There are a couple of notable exceptions.

1. The 4G data service for the Sprint OverDrive (3G data is still capped at 5GB per month)
2. The 3G service for the soon-to-be-available iPad 3G

MobileBurn reports that third and fourth exceptions exist now:

T-Mobile USA ditches overage charges on 5GB webConnect data plans

T-Mobile has two products that are covered by the webConnect data plan:

1. Dell Inspiron Mini 10 with T-Mobile webConnect (out of stock at the moment)
2. T-Mobile webConnecct Rocket USB Laptop Stick

The fourth exception is T-Mobile’s Even More Smartphone Unlimited Web & Email”. The no overage plan breaks the $60 per month barrier as well bringing the price down to $40. The Smartphone plan is $50 per month.

Details about the new plan is available in this post to T-Mobile webConnect forum:

Tmobile To Announce New WEBCONNECT Pricing Structure, No DATA Overages

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