The iPad Won The Tablet War This Christmas, Says Twitter [STUDY]

Since the launch of the first iPhone back in 2007, finding the latest and greatest tech gadget in your stocking has become almost a ritual for a lot of (albeit well-off) families at Christmas, and many folks are so excited with their new electronic toy that they immediately take to Twitter to share the news.

This year, tablets were expected to play a major role as Christmas gift purchases, with the iPad, iPad Mini, Amazon Kindle, Google Nexus and Microsoft Surface all hoping to grab a big share of that lucrative pie. So who won?

Well, according to one study that was done via Twitter, it was the iPad – and by a huge margin.

Buzzfeed did a 24-hour sample of tweets sent from Christmas Eve that contained the phrase “first tweet from [tablet]”, searching for the iPad, Kindle, Nexus and Surface, and Apple’s devices completely dominated the results, with 1,795 mentions compared to just 250 for the second-placed Kindle.

Check the results below.

It’s worth noting that this is very unscientific, and doesn’t take into account other ways that people might have phrased the first tweet sent on their new device, whether they even named the device in that tweet, whether they sent a tweet at all (or even use Twitter), other tablets on the market, plus a lot of other stuff that casts serious doubt on these results. But… putting all that to one side, this is incredibly comprehensive, and such a commanding victory suggests a high probability that Apple has very much come out on top this Christmas. Again.

(Source: Buzzfeed.)

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