Tablets Make Up Less Than 5% of Internet Use

Tablets make up very little of the globe’s Internet usage each month even as their popularity soars. New figures from StatCounter show that tablets account for just under 5 percent of monthly web browsing.

Desktops continue to make up the bulk of the world’s web surfing–around 76 percent last month–while smartphones accounted for about 19 percent.

Apple’s iPad leads among tablets, making up around 75 percent of the devices’ Internet time. Next in line is Samsung at 11 percent. The iPad percentage is even higher in the United States with 80 percent of usage, followed by Amazon’s Kindle at 7 percent and then Samsung at 4 percent.

UK tablet usage measures around 10 percent, slightly higher than the United States where it’s closer to 7 percent.

The stats are available in StatCounter’s new, free interface that shows a variety of online usage stats.

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