Take That Penguin: Amazon Fights Back Over eBook Pricing

Don’t mess with Amazon, seems to be the message behind the online retail giant’s latest move in its pricing battle over eBooks. Remember how Penguin stopped selling its eBooks through Amazon on April 1 because the two companies hadn’t struck an eBook pricing agreement. Well, Amazon is getting back at the publisher by discounting some of its new hardcovers to $9.99.

They’re not discounting bestsellers, but among the reduced titles are Olga Grushin’s The Line and Roger Lowenstein’s The End of Wall Street. Click the links for yourself and see–they’re $9.99.

Here’s more from The Wall Street Journal: The works being discounted aren’t necessarily best-sellers, which Amazon has traditionally reserved the $9.99 price for. Rather, their low retail price underscores the increasingly competitive and complicated retail bookselling landscape now that Apple has launched its iPad tablet and Google Inc. is readying its own bookselling service, Google Editions. A host of additional new devices are expected to go on sale later this year.”

Ough, Penguin! Now Whatcha gonna do?

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