Taking Baby Out of Corner, Social Game Universe Puts Dirty Dancing Game on Facebook

An unlikely premise for a social game is following in the footsteps of the film on which it’s based. Dirty Dancing from Social Game Universe and Lionsgate recently entered open beta and it’s now the second-fastest growing game in our emerging Facebook games rankings. The game is based on the 1987 film starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, a low-budget movie that went on to gross more than 30 times its production budget at the box office.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Dirty Dancing currently has 322,605 monthly active users and 65,279 daily active users.

In Dirty Dancing, players oversee the Kellerman’s resort in the Catskills. The objective: romance. More specifically, bringing visitors together to form loving couples. This is done through one of the more unusual game mechanics in recent memory, the “spreading” of romance by clicking on the screen. Doing so sends out waves of romance in all directions, causing all of the visitors they touch to become… more romantic. If the meters next to the visitors fill completely, they’ll pair up with the nearest romantically charged single.

Once couples are formed, they’ll visit attractions that players can place — volleyball courts, tiki bars, and more — and, after a time, these will produce money and hearts (experience points) to reward players. The number of visitors that can occupy the game world at a time is determined by the number of beds in Kellerman’s. Players need to click on cars as they pull up in order to fill the beds, and can unlock more guest rooms as they level up.

In keeping with the film, players put on dance performances, and these reward players with additional romance to spread around. Players build groups of performers from a pool of in-game characters and their friends, which can be assigned different dancing styles in order to create dance “combos” for bonus points. In order to more efficiently spread the romance, players can place decorations in the game world that help create chain reactions when caught in a love wave. Various tasks are presented to players, from clicking a certain number of cars to expanding the game world, which award experience points, money and even stills from the film when completed. Leveling up also enables players to access more content to place in the game world.

Players can share their accomplishments — including when they’ve unlocked any of the 50 achievements — via viral channels. Friends can be invited to play the game, and players can visit them to earn bonuses. Friends can also be recruited to participate in dance performances.

While a large amount of content in Dirty Dancing can be purchased using the game’s soft currency, coins, the title is monetized by players purchasing watermelons (a nod to the film) that function as a premium currency to spend on special items, on speeding tasks, hiring additional dances, and more. Watermelons can be also be earned through gameplay, should players not wish to purchase them.

You can follow Dirty Dancing’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.