Tallying Up The Condé Nast Layoffs — So Far

Can you believe it’s already been over two weeks since Condé Nast shuttered four titles, resulting in about 180 layoffs?

In the past few weeks, more layoffs have come to almost every surviving Condé Nast title, and all of them (except maybe The New Yorker) will likely experience cuts before the end of the year — if not the end of the week.

Read on for a round up of layoffs at Condé Nast that we’ve heard of so far. Know of any that we missed? Drop us a note.

Brides: The same day as her publication Cookie folded, publisher Carolyn Kremins was moved over to Condé Nast’s surviving bridal mag Brides, replacing its publisher Alison Adler Matz. Layoffs there followed, with about a dozen people reportedly losing their jobs. But Kremins managed to save some of her staff, taking Cookie‘s ad sale team with her to Brides. Members of the ad team for Brides.com and staffers in Chicago also got the axe.

Details: The men’s magazine lost its publisher, Steven Deluca. Bill Wackermann, Glamour‘s publisher, will now oversee Details as well. He’s since cut two business staffers.

Glamour: By the end of the first harrowing week, Glamour had reportedly cut seven staffers from the ad side. A dozen more lost their editorial jobs this week. Those who have been cut from the women’s magazine include Danny Roberts, formerly of “Real World: New Orleans” fame, and production director Paul Kramer.

Vogue: Anna Wintour fired six last week.

Lucky: The shopping magazine lost at least four editorial staffers this week.

Self: The health and fitness title lost at least two business staffers, including a Newhouse relative, but the editorial staff has been spared so far.

Wired: Eight people were cut this week, including editor Mark Horowitz, who Tweeted about it on Monday.

Vanity Fair: Five people were reportedly cut from the business side last week, but editorial cuts are yet to come.

Golf World and Golf Digest About 10 people were let go from Condé’s golf books.

Bon Appetit: The epicurean title may have survived the original slaughter that claimed its sister pub Gourmet, but it still lost six staffers from its Los Angeles office earlier this week.

W: The glossy fashion magazine reportedly lost 7 business staffers last week.

Allure: Reportedly thinner by five people, two on the business side and three editorial staffers.

Condé Nast Traveler: The magazine that McKinsey & Co. examined as representative of one of Condé Nast’s mid-sized magazines reportedly laid off seven earlier this week.

Architectural Digest: Layoffs yesterday, including at least five editorial staffers.

Condé Nast Digital: The media company’s digital team lost 15 people, including Style.com’s Laird Borrelli-Persson and Candy Pratts Price ; Richard Glosser, executive director of emerging media; group publisher Christine DeMaio; and Peter Frank, editor in chief of Concierge.com.

And although The New Yorker seems to have avoided layoffs in recent weeks, the magazine did lay off three business-side staffers back in August. By our very conservative numbers, that’s all told about 300 people laid off, although Keith Kelly estimates that the total number is over 400.

Yet to feel the cut: GQ, which has a hand in Condé’s recently announced dating site and just launched a new iPhone app; Teen Vogue, and the trades WWD and Footwear News. But, the way things are going, can they be far behind?

Update: Those layoffs did eventually come. GQ laid off six business and edit staffers, while Vanity Fair cut edit staff in the double digits. Details also reportedly trimmed its editorial staff and Teen Vogue let about six of its editorial and ad sales staff go. WWD also laid off some staffers, including some from bureaus outside New York.