Tap This Apple Watch App at Cannes, and Someone Will Bring You a Glass of Rosé

VIP perk shows potential of beacons

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Sometimes you need to drink rosé right now, and leaving the beach to fetch it sounds like far too much work. At least, that's the idea behind Rosé Time, a new Apple Watch app created for this year's Cannes Lions festival.

Developed by mobile tech company Urban Airship and digital agency Intergalactic, Rosé Time uses beacon technology to connect with festival attendees who've downloaded the app when they arrive at the designated Cannes Lions Beach VIP Area. They'll receieve a simple notification: "Rosé Time?" Click yes, and a glass is dispatched to your location.

"We wanted to be able to do more than just show up; we wanted to be able to inspire the global creative community with what's possible in mobile," said Scott Townsend, director of agency programs at Urban Airship.  

Rosé Time will be active Monday through Thursday next week, from noon to 6 p.m. Roughly 10 staffer-servers, five each from the Intergalactic and Urban Airship teams, will be delivering the chilled glasses for free.

Townsend said the app came together in just two weeks. "Our goal isn't really to serve thousands of glasses of wine. Our goal is to show people what's possible in mobile, open their eyes to a cool experience. That's why we're delivering it, because we want to see the looks on people's faces and be able to ask them about the experience." 

The exact brand of rosé being served has yet to be determined, but Townsend promised it would be high quality. 

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