Tapbots Releases Tweetbot 4 Twitter Client on iOS

The newest version of the popular Twitter client offers universal iPad support, among many other additions.

Tapbots has released the latest version of its popular Tweetbot Twitter client on mobile devices. Rather than an update for the existing Tweetbot app, Tweetbot 4 is a brand new app, requiring an additional purchase on iOS.

New features for Tweetbot 4 include universal iPad support, as well as support for landscape view on both iPhone and iPad. When using this landscape view on an iPad, iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6s Plus, users can view two columns of content at once, and customize the content displayed in those columns. For instance, the left column can show the user’s Twitter timeline or profile, while the right column displays their mentions or content from a Twitter list. Users can navigate to different areas within the app under both columns as their needs change.

In addition, a new statistics and activity view allows users to keep track of their daily or weekly activity on Twitter, in terms of the total number of retweets, favorites and followers they’ve received during that time period. To be specific, the week is presented on a graph at the top of the statistics tab, and tweets with associated activity are shown in a list below. Users can tap each tweet to see its mentions, as well as links to the specific users who have favorited or retweeted the content.

Tweetbot 4

In addition to these major updates, previous Tweetbot users will find user profiles have received a design change, and users can now quickly reply to tweets from their device’s notifications, among other features.

Tweetbot 4 is available for $4.99 on the iTunes App Store. According to the app’s description, this is a time-limited discount of 50 percent off. On top of these additions, the standard app allows users to manage multiple Twitter accounts, mute users and other content, save and edit their tweet drafts and much more.

On Twitter, Tapbots co-founder, Paul Haddad, has responded to the concern over charging for new versions of the app, rather than releasing them as free updates.

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