Tapestry Storytelling App Update Brings Quirk Books’ Shakespeare Star Wars Story

Publisher Quirk Books, the company behind the popular interactive eBook app Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, has partnered with Tapestry a digital storytelling app. This is the first time that the user generated storytelling app has partnered with a publisher.

As part of the partnership, Quirk Books is contributing 5 stories to Tapestry’s 2.0 relaunch including a William Shakespeare Star Wars mashup written by Ian Doescher.

Reading on the Tapestry app is not like reading on your run-of-the-mill eReader apps. The app lets users both create and read stories. Readers are encouraged to take the time to take it all in, as it is designed for readers to move the story forward but as the website explains, “There’s no going back, so take your time—that’s the whole point.”

Reading on the device is designed specifically for the experience of touch screens. Here is more from the Tapestry blog: “Touch devices and Tapestry stories evoke emotions in a way other media cannot. It’s a medium that celebrates some of the most important aspects of storytelling: succinctness, pacing, and creativity.”