Target Says There’s a New Tradition in Town: Thanksgiving Shopping

Thanksgiving-day shopping. Right up there with mom and apple pie.

There is PR and there is spin. There is transparent message points and then there is what retailing giant Target is trying to shill for America.

In an effort to try to assuage American hate for retailers who want to take advantage of folks who have no family in town and would rather go Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving, we have Target PR attempting to tell us that the old-fashioned and forgotten holiday of Turkey Day is passé.

No more gathering around the table for stuffed fowl and watching the Dallas Cowboys game before falling into a coma on the couch. It’s time for a new holiday tradition: Shopping on Thanksgiving.

“Six p.m. continues to be the right opening time for us,” Target Chief Stores Officer Tina Tyler told reporters on a media briefing. “It felt good to us last year to be able to allow those family traditions to take place around Thanksgiving, but also let shopping be part of it,” she added.

“The right opening time for us.”

black friday targetAnd by us isn’t it easy to see that Tina is clearly talking about the C-suite folk, not the underlings who actually have to cut their “other” traditions on Thanksgiving to go to work and surround themselves with stunt doubles for The Walking Dead.

So, in the spirit of creating another opportunity to bleed your pockets dry holiday tradition, Target is sticking with a Thursday inception to Black Friday and opening stores at 6 p.m. on Nov. 26.

“We don’t believe we’re shifting away,” Tyler said, but rather, “we’re adding to.”

If you mean stress, gray hairs, and insomnia, then yes, Tina… you are adding to. Stay classy.


[FEATURED PHOTO: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images]