Taylor Swift, Reba McEntire, Eminem and other among this week’s top PTAT gainers for musician and band pages.

Taylor Swift is this week’s top gaining musician and band page. The country music artist led the way with over 200k more engagements as the next gaining page. It was almost reached one million total engagements and outranks the closest page by over 350k engagements.

This list of top gaining musician and band pages is compiled with PageData, which tracks page growth and engagement across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth 
1    Taylor Swift 957,065 -11,051 +664,846
2    Reba McEntire 600,359 -8,593 +435,463
3    Eminem 672,602 +226,981 +417,529
4    Rihanna 638,943 -78,197 +358,351
5    Beyoncé 560,592 -173,718 +357,840
6    2pac 342,223 -23,796 +329,007
7    Justin Bieber 534,976 -2,260 +305,774
8    Adele 507,926 -5,204 +271,824
9    Pitbull 876,022 -36,628 +269,080
10    One Direction 866,929 +19,131 +263,473

Taylor Swift page highlights a selection of personally themed and promotional posts. It also fills the suggested pages panels with current endorsements and sponsors for the artist. With over 43 million likes, the page can operate as a hub for brands interested in increasing their reach. For example, the American Greetings page only has 375k in likes, but placement on Taylor Swift’s page can have a positive impact on page likes and engagement.

For all of these pages it is important to acquire the “verified” icon to provide users with authenticity. All of the pages in the top ten this week are verified pages which is not only valuable to the artist but to Facebook as well. By clearly distinguishing pages that are official, it makes it easier to compare pages to each other.

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