Taylor Swift’s Cat Reenacted a Super Bowl Interception and Blew Up Instagram

This kitty clip is clutch

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Pop Warner coaches constantly drill the words "two hands" into the ears of their wide receivers, hoping to train grade-schoolers to properly catch a football. Sometimes the youngsters get the hang of it, other times not.

Maybe they should ask Taylor Swift what techniques she is using to teach her kitten the art of snagging objects out of the air. On Super Bowl Sunday, the popular singer posted an Instagram video in which her feline (or possibly a friend's cat—that part is a little unclear) is tossed a crunchy morsel. Check out what happens next:


A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on


That's how you catch it with two hands, kids. (But please, do not swallow the objects of whatever game you're playing.) Swift then posted a message explaining she and her cat were reenacting an interception by Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane near the end of the first quarter.

Check out the time-stamp on the post—mere minutes after Lane's play. Now that's real-time marketing.

In our weekly Adweek/Shareablee branded Instagram video chart, we've already noted that Swift has mad social media skills. But the 1.2 million likes and comments her kitty clip generated was her best effort, statistically, that we've observed.

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Marketers for the R-rated film Fifty Shades of Grey and TV program Ellen joined Swift as notable performers from Feb. 1 through Feb. 7.

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