Tearing Apart The Big Lebowski Cottage Publishing Industry

Eileen Jones of eXiledonline pens a mass review of the burgeoning “Big Lebowski” book industry that seems to have popped up overnight. No less than four Lebowski-themed books have been published in the past few months, and Jones says she’s “slogged through them so you don’t have to.”

Presumably they’re cashing in on the Lebowski cult phenomenon–Lebowski Fest and all that–mobs of fans getting together annually to bowl, drink Caucasians, dress in character, watch the movie for the hundredth time, yell “You’re out of your element!” “I will not abide another toe!” “Nobody fucks with the Jesus!” “Nice marmot!” “Who the fuck are the Knudsons?” etc.

Jones, like pretty much everyone at the eXile, brings the requisite amount of bile to her piece. She likes “I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski” by Lebowski Fest founders Bill Green, Ben Peskoe, Will Russell, and Scott Shuffitt. Everyone else gets shredded. Read the carnage at eXiledonline.

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