Tech Round Up: No More Kodak Cameras, Klout Mobilizes, Thenewsmarket Moves To the Cloud

Content provider has received a big makeover, moving a lot of its storage to the cloud for faster downloads, says its maker Synaptic Digital. Both journalists and brands can access the site for video, B-roll, and other content from all over the world. The content covers the gamut, from former Taliban on peacekeeping missions, to earning reports and Super Bowl highlights.

In a strange bit of irony, the company that invented digital cameras in 1975 has announced it will stop producing digital cameras and digital photo frames in an effort to become solvent. Kodak filed for bankruptcy protection in January and is struggling to stay afloat.

Klout moves one step closer to being a mobile app.  The social media influence lister (which tells me I’m influential about money, writing, journalism and … sausage) has bought Blockboard, a site for neighbors to interact through social media about issues close to them. Blockboard may be folded in to Klout to work on a mobile Klout app soon, speculators say. More info here.


HubSpot has added Chicago-based IfByPhone to its arsenal. The tool bridges the gap gives marketers the ability to deliver inbound Web leads to sales representatives as a phone call rather than an online request form. HubSpot is a software maker helping websites to develop sales.

B2B social networking company Vitrue has redesigned its social metrics. Now Vitrue’s clients — companies such as Intel, FedEx and Frito Lay — can monitor their customers’ behavior across the Web to measure things such as visibility, fan referrals, negative feedback and a lot more.