Teen Vogue Editor Seeks Employees With Work Ethic

In a New York Times interview with Amy Astley, the Teen Vogue editor says that she likes to hire people who can prove they like to work hard.

“I’ll see someone who was a waitress for many summers and I’ll say, ‘Well, tell me about that,'” she says. “In today’s upwardly mobile résumé, you don’t always see that. You often see kids who’ve never had a job. But I love seeing someone who scooped ice cream or was a waitress. To me, it means they had to make some money and they had a job dealing with the public…I had jobs like that, too, when I was a kid. I respect it. I respect all forms of work, and I don’t see it on a lot of résumés anymore.”

According to parent company Conde Nast’s careers page, there are no openings at the teen magazine right now, but certainly keep an eye out.

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