Teens Say: 17% have an iPhone, 22% have (access to) a Tablet

Business Insider looked at a bi-annaul survey high school students conducted by investment bank Piper Jaffray and focused on the finding that:

One-Third Of Teens Plan To Buy An iPhone Soon

Looking at the same data, I was initially surprised to note that more teens reported having access to tablet (22%) than own an iPhone (17%). However, looking at the way it is worded and considering the nature of phones and tablets, the percentages make more sense.

iPhone: The question asks if the teen owns an iPhone. Phones are personal devices and have a one-to-one relationship with the owner. The iPhone, like other smartphones, has a $80 per month ($960 per year) fee paid by either a parent or the teen. This is a relatively large financial commitment.

Tablet: The question asked is different than the one asked about the iPhone. The question is if the teen owns one or has access to one in the house. Tablets can have a more communal use than a phone. Like the desktop computer, it is easy to imagine a tablet being passed from one person to the next in a family environment.

The response to the question of if the teen plans to buy an iPhone in the next six months is questionable. It is difficult to imagine that the 37% who responded yes will actually be able to execute on that plan and increase the percentage of teens owning an iPhone from 17% to 54% (17 + 37).

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