Telemundo Will Incorporate Jewelry, Home Decor Into Slap Fights And Lingering Looks

Telemundo, my grandmother’s channel of choice (after Univision), is embarking on a new marketing scheme, ostensibly with the goal of making telenovelas even more offensive and annoying (and… kind of wonderful?).

By now, anyone who has watched a network sitcom (we’re looking at you, 30 Rock) has firsthand knowledge of “branded entertainment,” wherein a show integrates a brand or product into a scene or storyline. Telemundo is trying something a little different, however: Instead of featuring Salma Hayek shilling McFlurries in a wink-nudge, self-aware manner that becomes immediately grating, the network will feature newly-created products specifically for a certain show.

First up will be a line of jewelry by Richline Group, which will be worn by a character on El Clon – a remake of a popular Brazilian novela that features bellydancing and ladies wearing Kohl eyeliner, looking mysterious and/or lovelorn in the shadows.

In September, Arrow Home Fashions will have their designs featured on telenovelas as well as on the Levántate morning show. Because Christ knows how many times you’ve watched daytime TV and wondered how you can have what Kelly Ripa is sitting on. Amiright? Arrow and Telemundo are also brainstorming on a special line of products specific to the network.

The network has also entered into an agreement with IDT wherein the latter’s prepaid phonecards will feature the name of the network’s soccer program, “Fútbol Estelar,” and the show’s anchors, who will mention the phonecards on air.

What a fun and vibrant way to appeal to Latino&#36!