Television Fanatic Highlights Popular Shows on Social Media in 2013

Nobody can deny that 2013 was a big year for television programming, but even Television Fanatic was slightly surprised at just how popular some of these shows were. This browser extension provider helps customers watch their favorite television shows through the comfort and ease of their computer at no cost. With such a great year for television, 2013 seemed to have captivated the highest audience in a long time.

Besides tracking viewership through the traditional method of Nielsen ratings, people are now able to decipher what shows are popular through social media. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook are often flooded with updates from viewers posting about their favorite shows, which has allowed companies like Television Fanatic to determine the most popular programming today. Below are some of the trendiest shows this past year.

Show: Breaking Bad

Average Unique Viewers: 6,026,000

Average Tweets: 521,000

Breaking Bad has been considered one of the most influential and groundbreaking television shows of this generation. This AMC drama follows Walter White, a chemistry teacher who discovers that he has terminal cancer and is not expected to live much longer. However, Walter does not want to leave his wife, his disabled son, and his expectant baby without any money after he is gone. Therefore, he teams up with an old burnout student of his, Jesse Pinkman, and the two of them begin to create and distribute methamphetamine in the dangerous criminal underworld of New Mexico.

The show had a somewhat rocky start but it quickly amassed a huge following. Not only was it one of the most watched shows on AMC, but it became one of the most popular shows across all of television. Television Fanatic indicates that a majority of the followers became interested in the show during its infamous mid-fifth-season hiatus that lasted well over a year. The cliff-hanger at the mid-season finale drove regular fans crazy and the social media waves were flooded by tweets and Facebook statuses from people wishing that the show would come back soon.

Show: The Walking Dead

Average Unique Viewers: 4,891,000

Average Tweets: 490,000

The Walking Dead is another step into the growing popularity of zombie media that has taken over the country in the last few years. Based upon the graphic novel, this AMC drama follows a group of people who are trying to survive in a zombie-infested world. Unlike popular zombie movies and video games, the Walking Dead takes a new approach to the genre. Rather than just hours of people shooting zombies nonstop, the show explores deeper context and themes such as love, loss, paranoia, survival, power, and more. Television Fanatic believes that this show has revolutionized the drama genre and added its own unique touch.

The Walking Dead is also known for its mid-season finales and has kept audiences wanting more every year. 2013 was an excellent year for the show due to its strong development of core characters and satisfying conclusion to a third season. The mid-fourth-season finale took place not too long ago and has left fans craving for more due to a brutally enticing cliff-hanger. Social media sites are a way for these fans to remain occupied until February when the show returns to conclude the season.

“Reality television has really spiraled downwards over the past few years,” indicates a regular viewer. “The shows’ premises were just getting out-of-control and it was hard to remain interested. Some reality shows were obviously scripted while the legitimate ones were just too boring. Then, Catfish came around and changed the whole reality television game.”

Television Fanatic describes Catfish: the TV Show as one of the most thought-provoking television shows of this generation. What makes the show stand out is that it takes a deep look into a real issue that is affecting the world. The term “catfish” refers to someone who goes online and poses as a fake persona on social media sites. Catfish will create a new identity that they find is more appealing than their true personality and then stir up friendships or relationships with unsuspecting people.

Catfish: The TV Show follows people who are in an online relationship with a suspected catfish. These people work with the producers of the show to track down these personas and see if they are as real as their online profiles, or just catfish luring victims under false pretenses.

Television Fanatic explains how this show was one of the most popular MTV programs in 2013. Over 1,772,000 unique viewers tuned into Catfish: The TV Show and there were over 189,000 average tweets. The reason behind this show’s success may be due to the fact that social media is such an integral part of people’s lives nowadays and catfishing is becoming increasingly popular. Television Fanatic believes that people can gain both entertainment and knowledge from tuning into this show as it reflects on a growing issue in today’s society.