Tell Us More About How ‘White’ Santa Claus Is, Megyn Kelly

Last night Jon Stewart went off on Fox Newsrising starMegyn Kelly for taking a moment to remind all the 6-year-old news hounds who watch her 10PM show that both Santa Claus and Jesus were white men, and that’s a fact so they should just freaking deal with it.

Jiminy Christmas, what was that all about?

For the record, the article they’re discussing did not suggest that “there should be a black Santa now”—Slate columnist Aisha Harris actually wrote that Santa should be a penguin in order to spare non-white kids “the insecurity and shame” of growing up with a fat, rosy-cheeked dude for a favorite character, because maybe that works?

Anyway, our sister site TVNewser reported this morning that the anchor will address the “controversy” on her own show tonight after calling in sick yesterday, and we have to wonder what she will say. Fox’s usual damage control strategy has been a heavy dose of either “shoot the messenger and check his pulse to make sure he’s dead” or “pay him $8 million to shut the hell up“, but with Kelly they seem to be making an attempt to solidify their own credibility.

So this is a serious question. Should Megyn say yes, my comments were historically inaccurate or no, I refuse to apologize for anything ever and just because you tell me the sky isn’t green that doesn’t make it true?

If we didn’t know better, we might think that Megyn staged this dumb controversy to guarantee higher ratings for her show. But that would be ridiculous, right?

Also: we’re not sure if she missed this, but the historical Jesus was a Jewish man from Jerusalem. More than a decade ago a bunch of forensic scientists estimated that he probably would have looked something like this:

And a Merry Christmas to you too!

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