Tell Your Phone To Take A Picture Then Send It To Facebook

In a crowded market of alternative camera apps for Android, SayCheese attempts to stand out by providing a number of unique features. For example, with SayCheese running and voice recognition turned on you can tell your camera to take a picture. The overwhelming number of features in SayCheese, which is free, makes it worth checking out.

Not only can you speak to the app, but it also speaks back to you and the subject of your picture. Tap the shutter button and you hear “Say Cheese” before the picture is taken. After the picture is taken you will here a random comment about the quality of the picture. These voice responses, which can include obscene comments, can thankfully be turned off.

I find SayCheese’s voice recognition to be an interesting feature. You tap the microphone button to turn recognition on and then tell the app to take the picture by saying “ready” or a number of other phrases such as “click” and “take a picture.” If your phone supports it, you can also tell the app to “zoom in” and “zoom out.”

Another feature of SayCheese is its ability to batch upload pictures to Facebook. Unfortunately, my experience with the uploading portion of SayCheese has not been very good. I have not been able to successfully upload a photo to Facebook and the error message stays in the notification area on my phone. It is possible that at the time I tested SayCheese there was some problem with Facebook, so you might have better results.

I’ve only highlighted a few of SayCheese’s features. If you are interested in checking out this app for yourself, you will find it for free in the Android Market.