Tello, the Yelp of Customer Service Feedback Apps, Raises $2.7 Million

About a year ago, Tello debuted a Yelp-style forum for rating the customer service at local businesses. Now the SaaS and mobile application company has raised $2.7 million in Series A funding from True Ventures and Bullpen Capital.

Other angel investors included 500 Startups,  Felicis Ventures, Forerunner Ventures,  Founder Collective, Lowercase Capital, Mark Goines, Naval Ravikant, Russ Siegelman, Shervin Pishevar,  SV Angel, Tim Donmoyer and Transmedia Capital.

The funding announcement coincides with the launch of Tello for Business, a new service that quickly notifies businesses when customers have submitted feedback on their companies from their iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The basic version is free for up to three locations. Additional locations are $99 per location per month, but the premium service also comes with the choice of responding publicly or privately to ratings.

To use the mobile application, customers can connect through Facebook or use their email addresses to create an account. Once inside, they can give a company a thumbs up or thumbs down rating, call out an associate by name, write a brief compliment or complaint about the service, and request a reply from the company. With so many people throwing complaints into the wind on Twitter, this last feature could be useful for getting a quicker response.

Tello for Business uses the data provided by the customers to build detailed dashboards with a live ratings feed for each company. Managers will be able to get a customized view of customer feedback, business metrics, and employee ratings in one place.

“As every savvy businessperson knows, the key to building a sustainable company is repeat business and loyal customers,” said Joe Beninato, CEO and Founder of Tello, Inc. in a statement. “A focus on listening to your customers and adapting your business goes a long way to achieving just that.”

According to the latest American Express Global Customer Survey, 70 percent of Americans said they were willing to spend an average of 13 percent more money with companies they felt provided excellent service. There must be something in the air, because 60 percent of those people didn’t think that companies have done anything to improve customer service since last year and 26 percent seemed to think the situation has gotten worse.

Added Beninato, “Tello for Business gives companies both big and small a scalable platform to monitor customer feedback and resolve service issues that can have a direct effect on sales.”

Image by twobee via Shutterstock.