Film Reporter’s Dog Abides at the Telluride Film Festival

Lucky pooch.

When Los Angeles Times film writer Rebecca Keegan informed her Twitter followers that she was bringing her dog Dude to the Telluride Film Festival for a second time, she asked how she should document the experience. While ‘Get a life, lady’ garnered 19% of the poll vote, the clear winner was Instagram with 68%.

And so, for those interested, Keegan’s Instagram and Twitter streams are the places to keep tabs on #DudeDoesTelluride. The spectacular shot above was shared this morning, following the long car drive from L.A.

Keegan’s husband Marty and a dog sitter take turns caring for Dude while she covers the storybook festival. However, there are other times when she can make time for her dog, rescued from the South L.A. Animal Shelter.

“Telluride has lots of restaurants that allow him,” Keegan tells FishbowlNY. “Favorite activities include pup watching while we have a drink at the outdoor patio at Poacher’s Pub, sitting by the fire at the Telluride Mountain Lodge while I write and riding the gondola. (Pro tip: the gondola operator at the Mountain Village station gives out Snausages).”

Nice. There was actually also last year an outdoor screening of Laurie Anderson’s Heart of a Dog, to which pooches were invited, but inclement weather kept the Keegans’ Doberman-lab mix from attending.

Keegan also recently co-authored a book with Mel Brooks about Young Frankenstein. It’s due to come out in October, and she says she did reach out to Gene Wilder during the writing of it. “I was not able to talk to him,” she explains. “I didn’t realize Gene was sick, and I’m so sad about his passing. He and Mel were a remarkable team.”

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.