Tempo AI announces $10 million funding round, aims to become a personal assistant app

First launching in February, smart calendar service Tempo looks to improve calendar management beyond scheduling and organizing. Creators of the application, Tempo AI, have announced a $10 million funding round in Series A lead by Relay Ventures and Sierra Ventures. The funding is intended to improve the app’s artificial intelligence to become less of a smart calendar and more like a personal assistant.

Tempo spurred from research institute SRI International, origin place of iOS voice command assistant Siri. Its involvement with Siri’s development explains its vision of becoming a proactive calendar organizer and ubiquitous personal assistant platform.

Besides scheduling and organizing events on the calendar, Tempo looks to surface context for scheduled events such as driving directions to a meeting, conference call numbers and contacts email addresses all with one click. Since being released in February, the company compiles learnings from users behaviors within the app, building its model around it. Ideally, it wants to provide its users with what they want, before they even know they want it.

Speaking with company CEO Raj Singh, he pointed out that the funding group has extensive experience in the voice command and personal artificial intelligence space. Rather than simply investing in a smart calendar app, investors are highly interested in the apps data learnings. Singh emphasized that the winner of the smart calendar space needs to focus on the data and how people were interacting with the calendars. He drew comparison to online search engines in the 90s paralleling Yahoo’s focus on UI contrasting against data-focused Google. And we all know how that went.