Local Reporter Gets Lowdown from Last Standing Temptation

The name of the website is TemptationsSing.com and that’s what the Motown group, now celebrating its 50th anniversary year, still does, at the rate of 38 to 40 weeks of touring per year.

Ahead of this Sunday’s gig in Agoura Hills, Otis Williams – the only surviving member from the original group – chatted with Ventura County Star reporter Bill Locey. Life is good for the group, which got to hang out at the White House in late February for a Motown tribute to be broadcast later this year on PBS.

The only sour note in the very upbeat interview came when Locey asked Williams what he listens to:

Well, I’m an eclectic kind of listener, but I’m not impressed with the music I hear today on the radio with these artists. I was talking about that to Otis Stokes from Lakeside last night and he said the same thing: “These artists today, you know, they can’t sing. There’s a lot of these guys that can’t sing.”

Back in the day if you asked me that, I could rattle off name after name after name. If you ask me that now, I have to stop and really think.

Tonight and Saturday, the Temptations will be grooving on the San Diego Pops stage. Next weekend, it’s off to Casino Rama in Ontario, Canada.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.