Terry Gilliam Answers a Funky Question

In this weekend's New York Times Magazine, a bit of a stretch.

ShutterstockTerryGilliam2014What’s the journalistic statute of limitations on theonion.com items? Ten years, tops?

We ask because at one point during an interview with Terry Gilliam for the New York Times Magazine, Ana Marie Cox asked the filmmaker and funnyman about an Onion item… published September 8, 2004:

I’m sure you’ve seen the Onion headline: “Terry Gilliam Barbecue Plagued by Production Delays.” Yes, but in some ways the legend is much more interesting than the reality. I would say that 90 percent of the people who have worked with me know I’m quite a rational human being, concerned about budgets and all those tedious and boring things. They don’t make very good legends is all I can say.

Much better is Cox’s first question, about Variety recently and accidentally pulling the trigger on a stored, ready-to-go Gilliam obituary. Read his thoughts on that here.
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