Testing, Testing…. Facebook Lite Now Fully International

Even as Facebook tests out a simplified, redesigned news feed with some users, it is now pushing out a much simpler version, Lite, to all languages. Facebook says Lite was originally intended to be for users with slow connections — it is a very bare-bones, fast-loading version of the site without many of Facebook’s own applications and features, nor third-party applications. Something that would be especially good for users in countries with weak internet connections.

However, when Lite initially came to light in August, many users with fast internet connections appeared to take a liking to it. Perhaps tellingly, Facebook’s newly-appeared news feed redesign contains many features already present on Lite, such as a way to toggle between recent stories and the most interesting, but not so recent, stories in the feed. Not surprising.

Lite then launched to users in the US and other English-speaking parts of the world in early September. It was as if Facebook wanted to see how many of its total users actually preferred Lite to Facebook proper. Now, rolling out in Facebook’s 70 languages, the company will have a chance to get even more data on that.

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