Texas Rangers’ Social Media Guy Fired for Wanting Charlie Strong Fired

No confirmation on if that fired individual was a Texas A&M alum...yet.

One of the cardinal rules of social media is always separate your personal and your professional opinions. Next to that would be to read your company’s social media policy.

Without understanding both, you could find yourself on the unemployment line like some nameless social media representative formerly with the (AL West Champions) Texas Rangers. An interesting story in the shadows of the Rangers gaining a berth into the postseason was this guy earning an immediate death with the organization.

Following Saturday’s shellacking of the University of Texas football team by Texas Christian University 50 to 7, the Twitterverse began calling (loudly) for Coach Charlie Strong‘s job. The Longhorns are in a bad way, and if you understand college football in the Lone Star State, having a 1-4 record is not where you want to be.

So, this happened:

That’s the thing with social media—nothing ever disappears. 

Some guy was upset about the embarrassment to his alma mater (because, be honest, if dude was a booster he wouldn’t be working social media for the Rangers), so he insisted Coach Strong was a bit weak for the position. 

Only, he forgot to log out of his work account. That’s why this happened too: 

Moral of the story: Think first. Tweet second. Be sure it’s your account. Repeat.

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