Text to Video: How to Transform PDF Files Into Engaging Videos

More than half of marketers cite a lack of resources as a barrier to growth. One way to get ahead of the curve is to turn company brochures and PDF documents into highly-engaging videos.

More than half of marketers cite lack of resources and inadequate budgets as barriers to growth. One way to get ahead of the curve and amplify your message is to turn company brochures and PDF documents into compelling videos. A study by Usurv supports other research findings that show consumers are more likely to share, comment and ‘like’ an online video than a text article.

As Beyond PR explains, “Even without a large budget, self-made videos can still be an effective way to tell your story. Major outlets like CNN and The Chicago Tribune regularly feature videos taken from ordinary devices such as cell phones and laptops in their news coverage.”

The creative team at MultiVu produced a video (above) for luxury real estate broker and reality TV star, Ryan Serhant, transforming his 36-page company brochure into a slick short-form video.

MultiVu recently spoke to Beyond PR and offered six tips for turning static content into creative and interactive videos:

Choose the sound bites that tell your story best without the corporate jargon. Remember, audiences don’t care what you do; they care why you do it. It only takes a few seconds for a viewer to decide if they will watch a video in its entirety or not, so make every second count. Be wary of speaking with too many filler words; sentences ridden with “uhs,” “ums,” and “likes” come across as nervous or obtuse and diminish the value of your message. Though you can refine a sound bite for clarity with skillful editing, it is not the best option if you are limited in time and resources.
Pair your sound bites with the best visuals to emphasize statistics or key selling points. The beauty of video content is having the ability to highlight spoken words with short written text or pictures simultaneously on-screen. For perspective, six pages of a booklet can be effectively compressed into one scene of a video. Keep in mind that the ideal video length is no longer than 90 seconds.
Challenge yourself throughout the editing process to ensure your video tells a cohesive story. Now that you’ve chosen the best components to tell your story, you want to make sure those pieces flow well together. Keep an eye out for details such as unnatural vocal inflections throughout a sound bite or unflattering camera angles. You might also want to include music that establishes a positive vibe and maintains upbeat energy; it affects the viewers’ mood.

Check out Beyond PR’s post “6 Tips for Transforming Your Boring PDF Files into Compelling Videos” for three more tips by MultiVu.

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