That Guitar Man from Central Park Thinks Facebook Is a Stupid Idiot

David Ippolito, also known as “That Guitar Man from Central Park,” posted a gem of a Facebook parody on YouTube, complete with a special poke at users who play Farmville.

David Abramowitz, executive producer of Ippolito’s The People on the Hill CD, wrote on the musician’s site:

In the midst of what he describes as a “roller-coaster ride” of a life, a man named David took his guitar to New York’s Central Park. He found a spot by the lake on the West side facing a lazy, grassy hill and began to play his songs for the four or five people who were sitting there. To a smattering of applause he replied, “That’s OK. It’s just us.”

The five people turned into 20. Then the 20 became over 100…everyone singing along, smiling, mellowing in their own memories, taking a vacation from their everyday lives, relaxing on this magical little hill, right in the middle of the capital of the world. Children danced. Couples cuddled. Old people tapped their feet and warmed themselves in the sun, feeling young again. It felt as though no one, including the guitar man, was capable of an unkind or negative thought.

It was the music. It was Central Park. It was New York City. It was magic.

That afternoon was in June of 1992. Since that day, David has packed up his guitar and headed to “the hill” every warm, sunny weekend. What happens out there is impossible to describe. Over the years, the people on the hill have numbered in the hundreds of thousands. As many as 500 people at one time will gather there spontaneously to laugh and sing together and yet, still…

…it’s just us.

Check out Ippolito’s bio, as well. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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